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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shoe Tongue Slippage: Try This Trick

There are many patients whom have the darnest time with the tongue of the shoe slipping down or to the side. The 2 photos below are from my long time patient Stacy. Stacy was getting some irritation at the top of her left foot from the shoe tongue of the shoe slipping to one side while she walked her dog Maggie. I used an old trick to stablize the tongue that any shoe repair store should be able to do. I used a scalpel to make a loop in the fabric so when she passed the shoe lace through it and then the nearby eyelet it held the tongue in place.

The scalpel is shown in this photo after the two slits are made to form the loop.

 A better photo demonstrating the shoe lace going through the loop and into the eyelet. Stacy immediately felt better when the tongue stayed in the right place. Imagine that!!
A San Francisco Sunset.

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