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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chris Blake's Article in Business Insider on Plaxico Burress

Below is the article from my son Chris published today in Business Insider about the release from jail of Plaxico Burress, an exciting former NFL receiver for the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. I am so hopeful that Burress is now reformed, and can return to greatness, as I am hopeful for other players that have blown it . I hope he can be the role model our kids and grandkids need. I wish you well Plaxico Burress. I hope the system has worked for you. I hope you have a mentor to help this transition, as for everything in life, we need others desperately to guide us.

Below Chris' article is a youtube video of Burress' touchdown catch from Eli Manning in the 2007 SuperBowl. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

How is this relevant to a podiatry blog? Watch those feet move as Burress easily blows past the defender, true artistry of motion. But this story is part of the dark side of sports. This is the same side of the coin as negative addiction to sports, little league syndrome of parents like the Great Santini, the recent drug scandal of baseball and track & field.  Like my video a few days ago about Jalen Joiner, let's find the joy of sports again collectively as players, coachs, parents, and spectators. Joy and great competition can go hand and hand, not mutually exclusive as some believe. I quit baseball after my junior year in college when the joy was gone. I play sports now because I enjoy them, not to win at all costs (although a few Ws are always nice). I try to always have my team mates backs, with great respect for the competition. Plaxico Burress, I hope you can find this healthy side again for you are truly a great athlete.

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