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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Remedies for Squeaking Orthotic Devices

Email received 3/20/11
hey rich,

i like your web presence, complete and clear. i had my right hip done, THR, and will be in to see you once things have settled and we can see if my orthotics need adjustment. but in the meantime, they are squeaking and driving me nuts. i've tried talcum powder, which i thought you said would do the job, but perhaps i remembered incorrectly because it did not work. any suggestions to quite my feet?

hope all is well and that you have ben having fun running about the world,

Hey Marjorie, Review again what I put on squeaking orthotics in my post below. I can put an insole under the orthotic devices when I see you next, like a Dr Scholl's flat pad and put leather along the sides of the orthotic device where the plastic hits the sides of the shoe. Try the nylon sock idea slipped over the orthotic device. Another one of my patients Charles says Corn Starch works so much better and longer than talcum powder. Thicker, but probably a bit messier. Rich

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