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Friday, March 4, 2011

Athletic Goals: Obtaining the Unreachable with a Spirit of Joy

A thesis on athletic performance could be written on these 3 short videos of my buddy, and basketball nemesis, Jalen Joiner.

 For 6 years I have battled Jalen in basketball, and for 6 years I have lost every single contest. Last year, losing 98 to 80, Jalen allowed me to score 18 straight points by not playing defense, only to beat me 100 to 98.

 Jalen is now playing Park and Rec and Boys Club ball and is known all around San Francisco for his defense and hustle. Perhaps, alittle of me has rubbed off, but more of Jalen has rubbed off on me. Jalen plays with pure joy, and loves the competition. I play with many adults that have lost that joy. Look into Jalen's eyes, mind, and heart as he goes for a feat that even 3 months ago was impossible. For all the adults, remember Jalen the next time you play any kind of sport. Take alittle of Jalen's spirit with you.

Do you remember as a kid doing something so special like this? Do you remember how proud  you were? It was usually your secret alone. I am glad I could capture one of Jalen's feats on tape. His spin moves around me however have always been a blur. Soon, even this special time with Jalen will be over for me for many reasons, and I am truly sad. But, I am glad I have competed against Jalen, and you are going down Jalen the next time we play!!!!

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