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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Metatarsal Pain: Think Support and Cushion and Accommodation (Off Weighting)

My patient Stephanie was in the other day with her sore metatarsals around the 3rd and 4th ( if you count the big toe as 1). After adding a Hapad support to her present orthotic devices, made by the great Dr Mario Rizzo here in San Francisco, and a good friend, I then proceeded to design other inserts to accommodate, cushion or both. By the time we had ended the visit, Stephanie had quite a collection and I could not pass up the photo op (All In the Name of the Blog!). But, I think it shows well the trial and error that must be done to see what works with these problems. Stephanie will experiment with one, two or three layers under each foot in the toe area. She understands what helps the right foot may be totally different on the left foot.

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