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Monday, May 2, 2011

Barefoot Running: Pros and Cons

When I make decisions in life, I like to write up a pro and con list to help me see the whole picture. In compiling my list, I may talk to friends, family, or expects, read, watch video, etc. Here is a my pro anc con list for Barefoot Running.

Pro:    Run Faster Potentially due to         Con: Slow Process on adapting
           stronger muscles and lighter                     my body to different shoes

Pro:   Revert back to the way we were      Con: Loss of Support from shoes
          meant to run                                               could make me more prone
                                                                              to injury
Pro:   Shoes presently wearing could        Con: Loss of Shock Absorption
          be causing abnormal motion and              could make me more prone
          injury                                                          for injury

Pro:   Barefoot Shoes are lower to            Con: New Running Style would
          ground and more stable for                       need to be learned
          side to side activities

Pro:   If I have pain, I could see if the        Con: Since new style and shoes will
          new shoes and technique                            will lead to new injuries, will
          eliminate my pain                                       the established medical world
                                                                               know how to treat them.

                                                                     Con: Who do I trust to tell me how
                                                                               to train with them, transition
                                                                               into them, avoid injury while
                                                                               wearing them?

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