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Monday, May 30, 2011

Lady Gaga May Need Our Help!!

I must announce to the world that I love Lady Gaga's music. I was saddened today by the fact she hurt her foot and needs medical care. Her music videos must go on and I pray that her podiatrist/orthopod that sees her gives her great advice. The Gaga Show must go on!!!! She the article below.

One of my previous posts linked below talks about the need for stretching when you live in heels. Hopefully Lady Gaga will not stretch through pain, since that makes the tendinitis worse. Also, if you are close to her, tell her not to do any negative heel stretches, feels great, but can tear fibres apart that are trying to heal.

If you have other comments for Lady Gaga, post them on my blog, I am sure she will read it.

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