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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Achilles Tendon/Plantar Fascia Injuries: Role of Calf Tightness

Calf Tightness is an often missed as the cause of achilles or plantar fascial injuries. This short video demonstrates one of the techniques used in breaking down tightness in the calf that can cause achilles tightness. Self massage with ethaform roller, rolling pins (yes used for cooking), or other devices like the Stick should be implemented if you note that the sore side is also tighter when stretching the achilles tendon.


  1. I haven't really had that kind of injury but as far as I know, it's really hard to have one. It's great to know the role of calf tightness.

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  2. I heard about tight calf muscle treatment, Most of the people ignore tightness in the calves. Which significantly affect your foot and ankle’s range motion.

    The Tight calf problem can actually be the culprit behind a number of other lower leg issues like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, knee pain and even hip and back pain can arise with tight calf muscles.


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