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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quiz #2: Daily Sports Medicine Quiz

As with all the upcoming quizzes, answers will be posted the next day.


1. Tears in the Plantar Fascia normally require 3 monthes in a removable cast/boot. True/False
2 Why are YogaToes (or the knockoffs) helpful for bunions?
3. What is the ratio of heat to ice in contrast bathing to reduce swelling? (with the most amount of heat).
4. In treating short leg syndrome, are heel lifts or full length lifts preferrable?
5. What lower back nerve root may be involved with pain on the outside of the big toe joint (bunion side)?
6. What are the 7 generalizations of stretching?
7. What side of a running shoe is a valgus midsole wedge put into?
8. In designing an Inverted Orthotic Device, what precautions need to happen under the first metatarsal of the positive cast?
9. In a diabetic patient, what test is very crucial and should be under 7.0?
10. R.I.C.E. stands for what?

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