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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taping for Achilles Tendinitis

ELASTIKON Elastic Tape One Roll: 2'' x 180'' Stretched - EachMcDavid Two Pack 30-Yard Rolls Underwrap, Green

     Taping for achilles tendinitis is coming back into vogue with the use of kinesiotape. But, since I presently have no experience with this version of kinesiotaping, I thought I would show you several tried and true methods to tape achilles tendons (this video has one of those versions). The treatment of achilles tendinitis from a mechanical standpoint is to limit some of the ankle dorsiflexion (forward bend of the ankle/not pointing downward like a ballerina). The 4 methods commonly used are: heel lifts, orthotic devices (not full length), taping, and running shoes for everyday wear for their extra heel lift over cross trainers, flats, etc. Of course, most boots, clogs, heels, wedges also have this characteristic.

     The three products you would have to purchase are: 3 inch elastikon, 1 and 1/2 inch athletic tape, and prewrap (see links above) which are all readily available. You would tape for athletic activities, or prolonged walking, but some tape all day long. I will have another video soon on a slightly different version.

     Remember with achilles tendinitis you need to ice, stretch, strengthen, and protect. See previous post on achilles tendinitis (often spelled tendonitis).

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