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Monday, June 27, 2011

Quiz Answers #2: Answers to Daily Sports Medicine Quiz

Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz.

#1 True

#2 YogaToes place a very natural stretch in the direction of straigthening all the toes. It would be difficult to hold the stretch long enough with your hands to get the same stretch. Like all stretches, there should be no pain. It can take time to get used to them.

#3 4 Heat to 1 Ice

#4 Full Length Lifts

#5 L4

#6 The 7 generalizations of stretching are: hold each stretch 30-60 seconds, no bouncing, deep breathe, alternate between sides, warmup before stretching, stretch after exercise, and never stretch through pain.

#7 Outside or baby toe side (lateral)

#8 Adequate plaster fill to ensure first ray allowed to plantarflex

#9 HbA1c

#10 Rest

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