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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to make your own lifts for a Short Leg

Hi, I contacted you earlier about hip height and leg length. I am using a heel lift, but I was wondering where I could get foot lifts for the height I need. If there are easy to purchase local supplies I would make them, but I don't have access to a grinder so maybe that wouldn't work. I need them to be non-compressible because I'd like to run again. The hip height difference is 9mm. I don't assume you sell them?

Thanks again,

Good to hear from you again Jody. Sorry I don't sell them, but you can purchase the same material I use from JMS Plastics (1 sheet of 1/8th inch rubber cork will do) and have a local shoe repair guy bevel the front part. See the links below to help. 3 of these will be your 9mm. Good luck and happy running. Also try the Walk/Run program since you have not run for awhile.

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