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Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals of Running This Year: Consider Marathon Matt's Programs

Matt Forsman, aka Marathon Matt, has many great programs through the year. Of course, if you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will need to find another similar program nearer to home. I hope this is a great athletic year for you all. Remember 30 minutes of exercise daily in the recommendation from the American Heart Association. 

The Rundown-January 2012
Marathon Matt's Power Chili Recipe
The lowdown on Oaktown 13.1 (1/8) & Spring 13.1 (2/18)
Passport 2012...your journey begins here
 SPRING FLING LAUNCHES TOMORROW @ 10AM! Score a deal on spring/summer programs, FREE entries into Rock N Roll Arizona, and more via the Marathon Matt Fan Page on Facebook THROUGH 1/6! 
Some of you participated in my Cyber Monday game on Facebook & scored some excellent discounts off all my programs in 2012
Given the positive response to this promotion, I'm doing something similar with my
'Spring Fling' game running from 1/3-1/6!
This promotion will be similar to the Cyber Monday promotion with a few wrinkles. Here's how it will work: 
1)'Like' the Marathon Matt page. 
It's easy. Click the link
, click the 'thumbs up' like button on the top of the page and you're set! 
2)Stay tuned to the riddles I post on the Marathon Matt page between Tues, 1/3 & Fri, 1/6.  
Unlike the Cyber Monday game, I WON'T be posting every hour on the hour.  
So, you'll need to be on your toes. It's possible some riddles/discounts will only be valid for 30 minutes. Others may be valid for two hours.

Unlike Cyber Monday, the Spring Fling game will be live for several DAYS (Tues. 1/3-Fri.1/6 from 10AM-5PM). 
3)Score discounts on my Spring programs (Oaktown 13.1 (1/8) & Spring 13.1 (2/18)).

The 'Spring Fling' moniker probably tipped you off, but the discounts I'll be extending are ONLY applicable to my SPRING programs (Oaktown 13.1 & Spring 13.1).

Unlike the Cyber Monday game, there won't necessarily be a consistent increase in riddle difficulty and discount amount.

This means a $30 discount may randomly appear in association with a particularly tough riddle that's live for 30 minutes only to be followed a few hours later by a softball riddle only good for $10 off.

You can get a leg up now by simply 'liking' the Marathon Matt page-  

Marathon Matt's Power Chili Recipe 
The cold, wet months of winter are upon us. On the upside, it's chili weather!

Before I delve into this recipe, I have to give credit where credit is due.

This recipe is a variation on a wonderful recipe I got from Micah Dickerson. Thanks for the inspiration, Micah!
Ingredients: 1.5 pounds of ground turkey, a cerrano pepper (finely minced), one medium yellow onion (chopped), ginger (one tablespoon finely minced), 3-4 cloves of garlic (pressed), a can of Guinness, a can of tomato paste, one can of kidney beans, one can of black beans, quinoa (one cup), a large can of whole tomatoes, one carrot (chopped), one ear of corn (just the kernals), chili powder, chipotle powder, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and curry powder. 


Saute the onion, cerrano pepper, garlic, and ginger in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil until onions are soft.

Brown turkey in the aforementioned. Once the turkey is browned, pour the can of Guinness in and reduce for a few minutes.

Add tomato paste and the large can of tomatoes (with tomato juice). Make sure to break/crush the whole tomatoes.     

Add the chopped carrots and corn kernals. 

Mix in 3 tablespoons of chili powder, 3 tablespoons of chipotle powder. Through in a dash of cumin, coriander, curry, and cinnamon.  

Mix in the kidney beans and black beans and let simmer for 5-10 minutes on low/medium heat.  

Add a cup of quinoa (if desired) and cook until quinoa is soft/tender. Be advised the chili will be quite thick after mixing in the quinoa.  

 I like my chili pretty spicy/hot, so I sometimes add additional chipotle and/or chili powder.  

If you're looking for another solid winter recipe, check out my chicken quinoa soup recipe as well-


Marathon Matt Logo

Welcome to 2012! I hope your new year is off to an excellent start. May all of your resolutions come to fruition. If any of them are running related, I might be able to help you out ;)  

I've got BIG things planned for 2012 including a total of SIX half marathon training programs, a handful of 'fitlanthropy' programs for those of you wanting to get fit AND be philanthropic, and much more. 

Score discounts off my spring programs via my 'Spring Fling' running from 1/3-1/6!  
My first program of the year, Oaktown 13.1 launches on Sunday, 1/8 @ 9:30AM at the Presidio Sports Basement.

Not too far behind Oaktown 13.1 is Spring 13.1 launching on 2/18. 
But, before these programs get rolling, I'm giving you a shot to score some discounts this week!  Spring Fling runs from 1/3-1/6 and is like my Cyber Monday game on steroids. As an added bonus, I've got TWO FREE ENTRIES TO THE ARIZONA ROCK N' ROLL MARATHON on 1/15 in the mix! Check out the details to the LEFT

Come celebrate the new year with me at Presidio Sports Basement on Sunday, 1/8 from 11AM-1PM! 

Even if you have no intention of joining Oaktown 13.1, I'd STRONGLY encourage you to join me at Presidio Sports Basement from 11AM-1PM for a little launch party madness!

Seriously, what do you have going on between 11-1 on Sunday that could compete with this? The lowdown is on Facebook-

Oaktown 13.1 gets rolling on SUNDAY, 1/8 @ 9:30AM. Spring 13.1 launches on SATURDAY, 2/18 @ 9:30AM! 
In 2012, I've got not ONE, but TWO spring programs lined up.  

The first program gets started on SUNDAY, 1/8 @ 9:30AM. This program is based in Golden Gate Park and includes a coached run workout on Wednesdays @ 6:30PM & Sundays @ 9:30AM.  

Oaktown 13.1 will have you prepared for the Oakland Half Marathon taking place on 3/25!  

The program is $120 through EOD 1/7. For more of the details, program amenities, and registration click the button below-

Register for Oaktown 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, CA  on Eventbrite

Spring 2012  

Not to be outdone, Spring 13.1 launches on SATURDAY, 2/18 @ 9:30AM!  
This program is based in the Marina and meets on Tues @ 6:30PM, Thurs @ 6:30PM (Accelerate bootcamp or Need for Speed), and Saturday @ 9:30AM.     

 The program is $140 through EOD 1/24. For more of the details, program amenities, and registration click the button below-    
Register for Spring 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite


Accelerate is BACK on 2/20/12! If you enjoyed Accelerate bootcamp with Gaby Miller of Ab Fab Fit in 2011 and want to accelerate your running fitness, we've got you covered.

Meeting on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:30PM from 2/20-5/9, you're looking at an incredible deal...20 workouts for $100!

Register for **Accelerate Bootcamp** (Mon. & Wed. @ 6:30pm from 2/20 thru 5/9) in San Francisco, CA  on Eventbrite

*NOTE-As an added bonus, all Accelerate participants receive $10 off my Spring 13.1 program!
Passport 2012...your journey begins here..
Passport 2012 ReduxI always feel a bit awkward when people ask me about my 'running club'.

This is in large part because I don't think of what I manage as a 'club'.

Nothing against running clubs, but when I think of clubs, I think of casual, informal gatherings that may or may not have a specific goal or direction and have no clear beginning or end.

Without sounding too grandiose, I like to think of what I do as providing 'running journeys' (or 'odysseys').

Maybe I read too much JRR Tolkien as a kid, but I always think of the following quote when I think of what I do,

'The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Today and tomorrow are yet to be said. The chances, the changes are all yours to make. The mold of your life is in your hands to break.'
So, are you ready for an adventure or two in 2012? Are you ready to meet some remarkable people? Are you ready to discover things about yourself that you didn't know? Are you prepared to do things you didn't think you were capable of doing? Join me this year!  As always, the earlier you register, the better price you get.

Marina Journeys 2012 

Spring 2012 
Spring 13.1 launches on Sat, 2/18 @ 9:30AM 

Register for Spring 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite 

The City 131 2011 

The City 13.1 launches on Sat, 5/19 @ 9:30AM 
Register for The City 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite 

Halloween 13.1 

Halloween 13.1 launches on Sat, 8/18 @ 9:30AM 

Register for Halloween 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite 


Touchdown 13.1 launches on Sat, 11/17 @ 9:30AM 

Register for Touchdown 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite 

Golden Gate Park Journeys 2012 


Oaktown 13.1 launches on Sun, 1/8 @ 9:30AM 

Register for Oaktown 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, CA  on Eventbrite 

Home Run 13.1 

Home Run 13.1 launches on Sun, 7/1 @ 9:30AM  

Register for Home Run 13.1 (Training begins Sunday, 7/1) in San Francisco, CA  on Eventbrite 

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