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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sports Medicine Quiz: Biomechanics 3 at Samuel Merritt University

The following questions cover the in-class presentation from Dr Rich Blake at Samuel Merritt University on Jan 24th and Jan 31st 2012. The students are encouraged to review the entire lecture material within the blog post below for more in-depth self study.

Questions for 1/24/12

1.   How does Sports Medicine differ from the regular approach to injuries in orthopedics?

2.   What does the C stand for in RICE?

3.   With contrast bathing, what are you trying to accomplish?

4.   What is the 80% Rules for function and pain scale?

5.   What does KISS stand for and how is it used in medicine?

6.   What is the difference in a 2nd degree sprain vs a 3rd degree sprain?

7.   What are common modifications to increase level of difficulty in the single leg balance exercise?

8.   In the treatment of any tendonitis, what does the initials BRISS stand for?

9.   What does Vit D3 do for bone metabolism?

10. What are the 3 phases of Injury Rehabilitation?

11. Name 3 common forms of strengthening exercises?

12. In Turf Toe is the primary injury dorsally or plantarly?

Questions for 1/31/12

1.   What are 5 common mechanical problems seen in gait?

2.   What is limb dominance in gait?

3.   When watching someone walk or run, where should your gait evaluation begin?

4.   What are 3 orthotic modifications used for over supination?

5.   Bonus Question: What are 3 potential benefits to the much maligned high heel shoe to the patient?

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