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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shoe Design: Where Should a Shoe Bend When We Push Off??

Video on Shoe Flexion Testing (Creating Flexibility When Needed)

Classic Shoe Flexion and Shoe Torsion Tests 

Here is the bottom of a running shoe with multiple cuts or striations that allow for shoe flexibility as you roll up onto the ball of your foot in push off or propulsion.

The pink material demonstrates where the ball of the foot should bend the easiest in your shoe flexion test. The multiple striations make it easy to accomplish the bend needed.

Here is a shoe where the bend is not only in the wrong position but the cuts or striations do not go all the way across the shoe. The bend of course at the big toe should be the greatest, yet in this example their is no attempt to allow for this bend.

There the pink material shows where the shoe should bend, yet it lies between the two striations!! The bend at the ball of the foot should be even with the big toe joint (widest part of the foot/bunion joint), and then slightly go back towards the arch as you near the baby toe side.

And, just for fun, here I am demonstrating a rocker shoe that is not meant to bend at all. You are encouraged to roll right on through and you should not attempt to push off. 


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