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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Foot Anatomy and Complexity

The Complexity of the Foot   

    The foot is complex, exciting, puzzling, informative, painful at times, and demanding our respect. 28 little bones per foot, over 100 ligaments, and a bunch of muscles and tendons make this an area the whole profession of Podiatry was formed to help. Countless sports have foot injuries as the #1 area involved, like ballet. Yet, most of the problems can be treated simply, which does not mean without thought. The thought comes from the vast array of problems, which have to be individualized to the patient uniqueness. And it can take awhile to understand each patient with their goals, pain level, activity levels, and demands of work and day to day activities. 98% of the problems seen by specialists in feet are conservatively treated. Sometimes I wish I only could see problems that had to be fixed instantly (as with surgery) to rest my tired brain. But, I am a shadow dweller, a subtlety finder, an explorer, an investigator, an artist more than anything. So the complexity of the foot is a perfect match for someone like me, and there are many more of me. Just look for members of the AAPSM and you will find us loving the 4 major and 1 minor articulation of the cuboid bone for example.

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