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Monday, August 25, 2014

Blister Treatment: Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake
I am a long time patient of yours. I doubled my running mileage and had slight pain in my second toe as I finished. When I got home I saw the toe was black. I taped it and this morning I noticed blood on the tape.
Should I make an appointment? Stop running for awhile (how long?) or pay no attention?
Your advice is greatly desired

Bonnie (name changed), 
      The blood means that you got a blood blister. If you can find the opening keep antibiotic ointment over it for 5 days and cover with several band aids. Soak each evening for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the next 4 days in warm water with a tablespoon of salt. Leave air exposed while sleeping, and then recover before placing shoe on the next am. Do not stop activities unless you get sharp pain or limping occurs. Hope this helps. Rich

PS. The toenail may be loose at the cuticle causing the bleeding. If so, after the first few days, when the need to use soaking and antibiotic ointment is over, gently tape the nail down 24/7 with a bandaid to see if you can get the nail to restick to the nail bed below. If not, you will lose this nail, but a new one is growing as we speak to take it's place. It is also a great time to check the length of your shoes. Standing in your shoes with socks, at the end of the day (after 6 pm) you should have a thumb width from the end of the shoe to the end of you longest toe (in your case the first). If there is any question, go up a 1/2 size or at least learn power lacing to hold you back in the heel as you run. 

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