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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Plantar Fascial Tears: Top 10

Plantar Fascial Tears

The top 10 treatments for plantar fascial tears:

1.  3 months removable boot or shoes to avoid toe bend
2.  EvenUp with opposite shoe if removable boot utilized
3.  Pain-free environment should be created by 2-3 weeks
4.  No plantar fascial stretches for 3-4 months
5.  2 to 6 week weaning process from boot full time into protected shoe gear with orthotic devices
6.  Orthotic devices should emphasize weight transference to arch and soft heel
7.  Gradual introduction to foot strengthening as long as pain is not produced
8.  Frozen Sport Bottle ice roll 2 times a day through arch for gentle stretch and anti-inflammatory
9.  Physical Therapy to strengthen and handle any sore areas typically at 3-4 months
10.  Deep Tissue Massage, like ART, is occasionally needed if the scarring process is too substantial


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