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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Foot Fracture: Email Advice

Dear Dr Blake:

     I had pain in the ball of my foot for awhile. finally went to the dr and he said i have
two broken bones there. Since it started to heal he said just see how it is in a few weeks and if still not good come in for the boot cast.
Dr Blake's comment: So far the advice is good. The use or no use of the boot is based on creating a pain free environment. This is crucial to keep the pain in that 0-2 ranges where normal healing can occur. 

After he pressed on it its been more painful now then ever. i feel like i am walking funny to compensate and now my knee is really bothering.
Dr Blake's comment: I have done this also to sweet, kind, innocent patients that come to me for help. Most of the time it is just I do not know how sensitive it is when I am exploring. Your walking funny is called limping. Limping causes knee, hip, back pain, even to the other leg, so I would go into the boot if it stops you from limping. If you can not keep the 2 sides level with the boot, get an EvenUp (wonderful savior of spines!!)

What do you think is best to do…what about a shot will that help
Dr Blake's comment: No cortisone around a fracture since it can negatively effect bone healing. Get the boot, ice 2-3 times a day, and give it some rest. 

Its painful and feels like a heart beat of pain
Dr Blake's comment: That is the inflammation out of control. Hope this information helps. Rich
> ps im curious will ball of the foot pain cause back pain to ?

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