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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morton's Syndrome: Email Advice

This is an email received. High Arch Feet (aka Pes Cavus) by their structure place inordinate loads on the metatarsals. And, the nerves near the metatarsals can be daily crushed and irritated. Changing the mechanics first is crucial to help this syndrome.

Dr Blake, I urgently need your advice. I plan to walk the south island of New Zealand starting at the end of this year. I have pain in my foot like Mortons Neuroma and very high arches to the extent that I sometimes lose my balance. I have always used arch support insoles with a metatarsal pad. I think I need orthotics for this walk but I'm not sure there's time to get them made. I would also like your advice about protecting my feet during the walk. Could you help me? Thanks 

Richard Blake

You definitely have time to get new orthotics and break them in. Tell the provider that you are willing to pay for a Rush order. You can also experiment with longitudinal medial arch Hapads, but as a metatarsal arch. You go to Use the right on the left side. I have photos on my blog at You must get the mechanics to off weight the sore area, combine icing, and perhaps a cortisone shot to decrease the inflammation, and you should be much better. Hope this helps. Rich

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Of course, my latest photo of my grandson Henry Ellis Blake only 7 days old, and the cutest baby ever!!

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