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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Straightening Your Back: Exercises for the Curves

Dear Dr Blake:
Great to see you yesterday.
Congratulations to you ~ new grandfather!
I love your grandson's name and it was really fun to see the pictures. Thank you for sharing those with us. 

Thank you for seeing my daughter and helping her with her pain. I would be very interested in any kind of exercises that you do find on the web if you end up searching for any. I know when she has time she'll also look as well. I never even imaged the pain in her thigh could have stemmed from the scoliosis!

See you soon, 

Dr Blake's comment: 
     Here are some of the videos that represent what I know. It would be wonderful to show this to a PT who can review here curves and decide exactly on the top 4 exercises. Typically there are 2 concaves areas in an S shaped curve that need to be stretched out, and 2 convex areas that need shortening by strengthening. I believe you can get faster results if you can do less general stretching and strengthening (although there is a role for that), and more specific stretching and strengthening due to your understanding of the individual curves. These videos do help you guys start understanding the process. I would love to watch you two do the partnered stretch in the third video, I think it could go viral if you make your own!! Hope it helps. Rich


  1. Thanks for posting these video links! We have found the stretching excercises by Ed Piaget (first link) helpful. Do you have any exercises suggestions for kyphosis and lordosis?

    1. As a podiatrist, the abnormal curves of the spine can greatly affect the lower legs and feet and their function. These videos are only informational, but hopefully eye opening to those who have never been told about them. Please find a local PT willing to work with you and your individual situations, and take do not take no for an answer. Rich


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