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Monday, October 5, 2015

CRPS: Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake,

I am hoping you can offer us some advice as we’re getting pretty desperate.  My son (13 years old) suffers from CRPS.  He has had pain for over 5 years, but the severe pain and hypersensitivity (and other symptoms of CRPS) for the past 2 1/2 years. We have tried prescription pain medications, lidocaine infusions, traditional Chinese remedies, physiotherapy, light therapy, psychology, and most recently neuroprolotherapy (he went into shock).  He is barely sleeping, attending school less than half time and losing touch with friends, etc.  (spiralling downhill and I worry about depression).  I know you ask people to be concise but I’ve attached a description if you have time to read.  Any advice you can offer would be VERY VERY mush appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Dr Blake's comment: 
     Thank you for sending the summary that I read. I am so sorry for this injury. Definitely see if you can get the 10 treatments of Calmare Pain Therapy in the nearest center. I am sure it is not 100% successful, but it is non invasive, and has great successes. Neuroprolotherapy seems very good, but this is with sugar water injections only. I am not familiar with the Ozone injections that gave your son his problems. Find someone for normal neuroprolotherapy if the Calmare gives suboptimal results. Every good pain management specialist that treats this has a topical cream they like. This is so important to find one that you can gently rub in to the tissue for desensitization three times a day. This has to be a daily fix no matter what else you are doing. I guess IV Ketamine Infusion is next, but I am not sure at what age they would start at. I sure hope this helps some. Rich

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