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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Going Alone is Never A Good Idea

Injury Rehabilitation Principle: Going it Alone is Never Good, and Self-Reflection is Crucial

I have spoken to some patients recently who I sense are feeling alone and scared with their injuries. They have significant disabilities with their injuries, and I am struggling to help them without much luck so far. They are always on my mind and I cannot help but feel alone, too, in helping them. I am lucky to be surrounded by gifted health care providers to help me, but sometimes they also say that nothing can be done. I have been around too long to believe it. I recognize my limitations, and I see so many gifted souls out there struggling. My intuition tells me "one step at a time." One step of progress, one change in direction, one lesson learned, and we may be able to take another step.

I wrote a poem once about this progress that I will retell now. It is entitled “On Death Experienced.” The death is the darkness we feel in our hopelessness at the loss of who we are, the loss of our identity as athletes, or as healthy individuals. It probably applies most to patients with nerve pain that they have to live with. The poem also implies that there is another side, a side of rebirth, of healing. Some of you will relate.

by Rich Blake

The fist is hard
As it explodes so deep
The emotions so high
Talk seems so cheap

Death of self plays a sour note
A loss so deep that everything
Is affected and actions in remote
Continue the self while the soul begins

In that very death, flowers bloom
Priorities shift
As inward
we drift
The self being sifted

When death is experienced
The grief cycle will play
Inner strength must end it
With friends we can say

I'm ready to go on now
At least for another day
To work with you in the garden
And accept my stumbling along the way.

The above is an excerpt from my book: Secrets to Keep Moving

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