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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Standard Sesamoid Fracture Treatment Orthopedic Viewpoint

     This is the standard sesamoid treatment in the podiatry/orthopedic world. It is standard of care, but there are so many other options available. Unfortunately, surgery is the norm for many treating physicians, and I know this is only a superficial article by a brilliant doctor. I read any and all articles on sesamoid injuries, because I am always trying to have one more trick in my ability to heal sesamoid fractures. This week I have had 3 patients come in that I successfully treated for sesamoid fractures over the last 20 years, going back to full activity, and without the need for surgery. They were not in the office for the sesamoids but for another problem. If you have a sesamoid fracture, please read through this blog for the 30 common aspects of treating sesamoids. Perhaps you can send me a tip that you have found vital to your healing or the healing of your patients. The basic message with ball of the foot pain is to get to a diagnosis early, create a 0-2 pain level quickly, and do not settle for providers telling you that if you are not better in a specific period, then surgery should be done. It definitely has taken me over one year in most cases to decide on surgery in the less than 5% of all sesamoid fractures I see.

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