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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Injured or Treating Someone Injured: Fight Inertia and Get Going

Golden Rule of Foot: When injured in one sport, find another one or two to keep healthy. 

     These Golden Rules which are all over this blog are rules never to be broken. However, this article speaks of how we become so addicted to one method of exercise, that when we can not do that exercise, we also have the inability to do something else. Inertia wins (and in this case it is psychological inertia). As health care providers, it is a good reminder as we talk to our athletes, that we help them understand the significance of cross training. Do not say "I think you should do something else for awhile". Say "we really need you to spend 30 minutes every other day on a bike and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Also, on your off days start hitting the weight room for your core, upper extremity and stretching." Be more proactice!! Your athletes will rehab better.

Golden Rule of Foot: When injured in one sport, start cross training the next day.

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