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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Great Article on Nerve Pain and Making the Diagnosis in Athletes

I have just starting treating a patient with 2 years of pain unable to get anywhere in treatment. She sent me this article this morning that I read from a physical therapist on nerve pain. I would have to say I agree with so much of this article, and although I am not sure yet if it applies totally to my patient, is a good discussion of the 3rd source of pain in my patient. The 3 sources of pain, each demanding separate treatments at times, are: mechanical sources (like your foot pronates too much or your hip muscles are not strong enough), inflammatory (where swelling in the tissues causes pain from injury or systemic causes), and finally nerve pain (which can be local like Morton's neuroma, referred pain from the spine, or combination of local and up-the-chain problems). 
The one aspect not discussed, and also may apply to my patient, is nerve overload with chronic symptoms. This basically means that there was a mechanical injury, that even with complete heeling, can leave you with nerve hypersensitivity, which now months later is the reason that you do not feel any better. This nerve hypersensivity can also need nerve treatments over mechanical ones. 
So, as I try to sort this all out for my patient, the body will continue giving us clues which can help if we listen. Rich

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