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Monday, August 3, 2020

In the eyes of a dying Steve Jobs, these were the most important aspects of life!! Thank you David Baudrez

In 2011 Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56 of pancreatic cancer, leaving a fortune of $ 7 billion and these are some of his last words...
′′ Right now, lying in bed, sick and remembering my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth I have makes no sense in the face of imminent death.
I have the money to hire the best at homework but it's not possible to hire someone to carry my illness.
Money can get all kinds of material things, but there's one thing you can't buy: ′′ LIFE ".
As I grew up I noticed a $ 300 and a $ 3.000.000 watch show the same time.
That with a $ 150,000 car and a $ 15.000.000 car we can reach the same destination.
That $ 150 or $ 1500 wine generates the same ′′ hangover ".
That in a house of 300 square meters, or in a 3000, loneliness is the same ".
′′ True happiness does not come from material things, it comes from the affection that our loved ones give us."
So I hope you understand that when you have friends or someone to talk to, it's true happiness
Five undeniable facts
1 1 Don't educate your kids to be rich. Educate them to be happy. - Then when they grow up, they'll know the value of things, not the price.
2 2 Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will have to eat medicine as food.
3 3 Who loves you will never leave you, even if you have 100 reasons to give up. He / She will always find a reason to cling.
4 4 There's a big difference between being human and being human.
5 ️ If you want to go fast, go alone! But if you want to go far, go with it.
And in conclusion...
The top six doctors in the world are:
1 sol The Sunlight
2 Descanso The Rest
3 Ejercicio The Exercise
4 Dieta The Diet
5 mismo Confidence in itself
6 Afectos The Affects
At whatever stage of life you are in now, thank and enjoy the little things to the fullest and treasure the love of your partner, your family and your friends, so that when the day comes when the curtain comes down, you can carry with you the true wealth of this world.

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