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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Inverted Orthotic Technique: The Reason the Device Works Still A Mystery??

As most of you know, I inverted an orthotic device almost 40 years ago that has been very successful. It has been the only orthotic device documented to help children outgrow their flat feet for instant. Yet, it is hard for researchers to grasp why. It is meant to change motion while walking or running into less pronation. Yet, studies have had a hard time studying this. The YouTube link below and the Podiatry Arena thread following is a wonderful example of this decision. The article they are referring to was on 11 symptomatic runners who when switched from standard orthotic devices to Inverted Orthotic Devices got better. But when studied, they could not find out why. I am actually learning a ton from these discussions and have my own theories. First of all, the study was done using the outside of the heel area of the shoe to represent the heel of the foot and this can be totally off. Secondly, the Inverted Orthotic Device is made for each foot individually, with different degrees for the right and left foot. And, when the foot does not respond, a redo is done to get it as perfect as possible. This was not done with the research. All patients, both right and left feet, got the same orthotic correction. In my mind, as a research project it was a failure from the beginning. This being said, it is my life's work, and I will continue to help it along as I can.

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