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Monday, December 28, 2020

Healthy Hiker: A Great Blog to Follow

Alicia Filley writes a great blog. If you are a hiker, her tips are very valuable. If you are just trying to get some exercise and be healthier in the New Year, you will also find great inspiration. January 1st she is sponsoring a webinar that looks great to get motivated this coming year!! Here’s to Great Health.

My 2021 Health Goals:  (in no particular order)

     Be More Consistent with Doctor Appointments

     Use my Peloton Cycle 3 Days a Week

     Get My 10,000 Steps Daily on Average

     Be More Consistent with My Balanced Home Program: Legs, Core, Arms

     Eat Healthy 

     Meditate More

     Schedule Several Hiking Vacations (when it is safe)

     One Long Hike Per Weekend (Over the normal 10,000 steps)

     Reduce Hours at Work to Take Care of Health

     Spend more time with Friends (when it is safe)

     Get My Covid 19 Vaccination 

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  1. Wow! I am very happy ..after reading your blog ..its Actually Fantastic...recommended you read


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