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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Heel Pain When You Stop Walking: Email Advice

Hi... Dr. Blake , I work in hospital. When i walk on floor or standing I have less pain on my heels but after I sit down ,I start feeling burning on my heels. When I wear shoes on my walking ,my feet feel ok but when I sit down feels like my shoes choke or feel tight on my feet. So I wonder why I feel burning on my feet after walk when I siting down.thank you

Dr. Blake's comment: there are 3 possibilities. First of all, it is typical plantar fasciitis with its symptoms after prolonged inactivity. The second possibility is low back compression of typically L4/L5 nerve root. You should feel better if you lay down and get up then sit and get up, or at least different. Thirdly, you it can be venous, where the veins are not working as well as possible. Again, sitting can be the worse, laying second, and walking around getting the circulation to move best. Check these scenarios out. Rich

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