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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On Death Experienced: That Deep Sense of Loss can come from Many Sources

                                By Richard Blake

The fist is hard
As it explodes so deep
The emotions so high
Talk seems so cheap
Death of self plays a sour note
A loss so deep that everything
Is affected and actions in remote
Continue the self while the soul begins
In that very death, flowers do bloom
Priorities shift
As inward
we drift
The self being sifted
When death is experienced
The grief cycle will play
Inner strength must end it
With friends we can say
I'm ready to go on now
At least for another day
To work with you in the garden
And accept my stumbling along the way.

This was an early poem I wrote dealing with the loss felt in our human condition from many sources: a divorce, a death, a terrible injury with permanent disability, a job loss, retirement for some, etc. 
Yet, the resilience of the human condition normally does express itself after the various stages of grief, and our job as parent, spouse, doctor, or friend, can simply just to be there for support. 
The garden of life has sunshine and rain, flowers and weeds, and even beautiful roses have thorns that can cut and cause infections. Yet, gardens are normally ignored in the winter hard times, and bring us much joy in the spring with new growth. 

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