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Monday, December 28, 2020

Philosophy: Why Aging in Medicine Strikes at the Heart!

“One must go further, one must go further.”
This impulse to go further is an ancient thing in the world.
—Søren Kierkegaard”

Excerpt From: Kim Lim. “1,001 Pearls of Spiritual Wisdom.” Apple Books. 

Boy, is this true or not!
The world keeps spinning round and round
Yet it is moving slowly in a certain direction. 
Where spinning denotes staying in the same place, 
We know change is occurring, and a newest is on the horizon.

After 40 years a podiatrist, my world really does not exist any more
Is it time for me to move on, like so many of my fellow classmates?
Are there secrets to the human body I can still teach?
Will anyone listen?

Yes, humans must move in a direction that they think is progress.
But does progress denote too much change
Do we have to change what is working?
Progress, or the impulse to progress, demands it.
The old must die, the new born babe is the future
We can not do what our fathers did
We are inbred to not become our fathers!

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