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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Treating Injuries: Many Decisions along the Way

     First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Years. We are all so happy to end this sad and disturbing year with the hope for the future. Please stay safe. 

     When treating athletic injuries, there can be many decisions along the way, and many directions that must be followed. There are standard approaches, and new avant-garde approaches to consider like PRP and shockwave treatments. The sports medicine approach which was avant-garde in 1980 is now more mainstream where the patient and doctor work as a TEAM. Google searches have also had mainly a positive influence on my patients whom seem more prepared. 

     The goal of this post is just to remind you to that an active role next year in helping to direct your health care providers, yet with full respect. We all get tunnel vision on problems, and follow that orange line above even when the patient is not improving. Some physicians are black and white and can not easily bend, therefore 2nd opinions become necessary. Usually your Primary Care doctor will know someone for you that may have to think out of the box at times. 

     So, here’s to a great healthy New Year!!!! Rich 

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