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Sunday, July 17, 2022

A little Plug for My Book on Biomechanics: My Gift to the Next Generation

May 25, 2022rated it 

Think Like A Biomechanist

This is like having a conversation with Dr. Blake. The chapters and divisions are not entirely conventional. As you read, you will learn how Dr. Blake considers the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. And you will have a good number of questions to answer.

Luckily the answers to the questions are in the book and also give you the opportunity for insight into Dr. Blake’s methodology. This is more or less theoretically agnostic. You don’t need to adhere rigidly to “Root” biomechanics or be opposed to it. Just keep looking at the insight and vision into a logical approach.

Science deals with successive approximations to obtain a correct answer. Dr Blake explains who biomechanics requires being looked at as a process not a once and done. Your approach may need to be changed and if you’ve made an orthotic that may need modification more than once.

This is book one of a four book series. The only unfortunate thing is that only book one is available. But not even all of the Harry Potter books were available at once. That bit of magic began with one book also.

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