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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Strengthening of the Posterior Tibial Tendon

     One of the most severe problems that I treat is the wide spectrum of posterior tibial tendon problems. This can be from posterior tibial caused shin splints, posterior tibial tendonitis due to overuse with a new activity, or posterior tibial tendon failure in adults leading to flat foot. Therefore, anytime I have a patient whose problem is involving the posterior tibial tendon, I begin a life long strengthening program. 
     When a patient over pronates their foot, like in the photo here, they have alot of body parts to pick on.

Why do some patients have knee pain from the over pronation, some posterior tibial pain, some plantar fasciitis, ect? The answer lies I think in the Rule of 3. That means for most overuse injuries it actually takes 3 problems to cause the issue: You see the pronation problem, but a weakness in the posterior tibial tendon is also very common to find. I hope these exercises which isolate the injured tendon can help. 

Key words:
Posterior Tibial Tendon
Ankle Strengthening
Over Pronation

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