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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Dr Blake's Video on Strengthening for Bunions

     I am not a podiatric surgeon, but someone who tries to delay the need for bunion surgery. This post will not go into the many reasons each patient has for attempting to delay or reduce their chances of needing a bunion correction. This exercise is an evening task and it does a great job making the foot stronger. Added to other conservative bunion treatments, which of course should be done post surgery also, you should develop a treatment regimen of 5 which seem to help individually. They will help even more collectively. Common bunion treatments include: toe separators, Yoga Toes, Correct Toes, wide shoes, Injinji socks, night splints, proximal  padding, etc. You can find other posts in this blog on these and other treatments. 

Abductor Hallucis Strengthening

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