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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Preparing for Upcoming Medical Visit: Key Factors in HIstorical Review

I   How Intense (use Pain Scale) is the pain? What Irritates (makes it


     Patients present all the time to my office with injuries or pain syndromes. The patient may tell me that they have pain somewhere, but the intensity of the pain at various times of the day are crucial. Sometimes, the physical examination completely matches the level of pain and other times not. When not, the examination is much worse than the pain that the patient complains of, or the examination is fairly negative while the patient complains of much more pain than expected. This all means something, but it can take time figuring that out. 
     When a patient has had pain for awhile, they have normally tried various treatments (including rest). It is important for me to know what helps them, and equally important what irritates them. Sometimes the description of what irritates them separates the probable diagnoses (from nerve to bone to tendon). Some generalizations would be: Bone injuries are sensitive to impact, nerves are sensitive to positions, and tendons are irritated by motion only. 

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