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Friday, September 14, 2012

Initial Advice for Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

Barbara, It was great to meet you. Here are some reminders. See the videos below also.
  • Purchase the red Sole Orthotics

  • Do the 2 calf stretches 3 times daily for 5 deep breathes and repeat twice
  • Do the wall stretch for the arch up to 10 times daily.
  • Ice pack bottom of both heels for 10 minutes twice daily. 
  • Do contrast bathing once per day in evening as a deep flush.
  • Wear the Night Splint on one side for the next month, and you can start when you are sitting during the day to get used to.
  • See me in 3 weeks or so. 
  • Email me at any time. 

Hi Rich, Great to meet you too. I feel so much better after talking to
you that this isnt a permanent problem. Do you have a video link for
the calf stretches, I think Im doing them wrong. Below are 2 links for
the wall stretch, but not calf.

When you say wear the night splint on one side for the next month, do
I alternate every night, or, wear it consistently on one side for one
month, and one side for the next month?

Ok, heading out for my Sole this morning - thanks again!

All best,

Dr Blake's Response:

     Sorry about initially forgetting the calf stretches. There is now a reference above. Also, if one side is significantly more painful, I would wear the night splint on that side every night until the symptoms seem more even. At that point, I would alternate every other night. Hope this is helpful. Rich

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