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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Foot Strengthening Exercises: Playing the Piano

Foot strengthening exercises are extremely important for almost everyone. Since we spend our lives in shoes, our feet get weak over time. When you have any injuries, surgery, cast immobilization, or other prolonged health problems, our feet get even weaker. Just when we are trying to get back into shape, the weakest bites us, and some secondary injury develops. We need to stay strong with our feet. We need to develop a home program of 3 or 4 foot exercises that are challenging, somewhat fun, and ones we will do 3 times per week on average. The best time of the day to do foot and ankle strengthening is the last several hours before bed. Therefore, if we fatigue our feet, we have all night to rest them. And by the next morning they will be stronger. I hope you enjoy this challenging exercise.

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