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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #13: Know the Symptoms Related to Excessive Supination

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These shoes with 200 miles of wear are already leaning to the outside, especially on the right, producing over supination.

Here is where the running shoe industry has not helped. By rough estimate 10-15% of all patients naturally over supinate(also called under pronate). If you add the patients that over supinate after getting arch supports (over the counter or custom made), or are mistakenly placed in motion control shoes when they do not need to be, or let their shoes break down too far before getting a new pair, or are just wearing unstable shoes that allow their foot to roll laterally (like in an ankle sprain), the number can become 30% of the patients I see with symptoms related to overuse injuries. I will have a video later on in this post showing this excessive supination tendency with walking.

The following are common symptoms related to excessive or over supination (also called under pronation):
  1. Lateral or outside foot symptoms
  2. Lateral ankle instability and associated symptoms
  3. Lateral Hip or Knee Ilio Tibial Band Strain
  4. Medial (inside) Knee Joint Compression symptoms
  5. Sacro-Iliac Joint Jamming Symptoms
  6. Poor Shock Absorption Symptoms (since some pronation is needed for shock absorption)
  7. Low Back Strain
  8. Hamstring Strain with knee hyper extension

Unlike Pronation, Treatment must eliminate 100% of contact phase (at heel strike) supination as seen in the following video.

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