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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #16: Develop an Understanding between Simple and Complex Needs of the Patient

Kinesio Tape is a Simple but Effective Arch Support

It takes a health care provider awhile to understand when to use simple means to accomplish a goal (like taping for arch support) vs. more complicated means (like custom made orthotic devices).

     Health care providers are under some pressure to solve everything instantly. Many feel the patients may feel better of them if they always recommend the most advanced (complex) of treatments. The old saying of "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning" may not be wrong that often. Develop a conversation with your health care provider on what are simple ways of helping your problem, as long as they are not harmful to the over all success of treatment.

     Many, if not most, of the problems I see in a busy sports medicine practice require simple solutions. It is the speed of recovery required or requested by the patient that may demand more complex treatments. As a health care provider, I must develop a sense of the efficacy of certain treatments through trial and error to know when to use them successfully on my patients. Unfortunately, we are all guiney pigs in one way or another.

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