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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #12: Know the Symptoms related to Forefoot Abnormalities

      This is a common podiatry problem. When patients present with specific forefoot structural abnormalities, like bunions and hammertoes, the normal alignment is off, and symptoms are varied. Also these abnormalities can cause the foot to pronate or supinate excessively at times producing postural symptoms in the foot/ankle/leg/knee/and hip.

When the first metatarsal is unstable, as a bunion increases, the inside (medial) edge of the foot becomes unstable, and the foot and the ankle over pronate. With a forefoot abnormality, like plantar flexed first ray, the weight is shifted to the outside of the foot and the foot and ankle over supinate. See previous posts on all of the symptoms related to over pronation or over supination. They are many.

Below is a little video from the San Francisco Giants Ticker Tape Parade today after winning the 2010 World Series

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