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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #30: External (Outer Sole) Lifts must allow for Forefoot Flexibility

When using Outer Sole (or midsole) lifts to correct for a short leg, it is very important that the patient feel that they can move freely through their feet as they push off the ground.

1/2 inch outersole lift is tapered at the toes to allow easy roll forward.

The lift is seen from the back with 1/2 inch applied to the outer sole of the left shoe.

Here the ball of the foot area is cut into to allow for bend at the metatarsals smoothly at pushoff. Very important.


  1. I have just been give a full 3/8 lift at the bottom of my left shoe to correct for leg length discrepancy. I am finding it difficult to bend the shoe at the ball of the foot. Should a cut be placed there and if so, how deep? Thank you.

    1. Yes, standard is full thickness under the heel which is 10 mm in your case, and 1/2 that in the ball of foot, or 5 mm. You need that forward pitch to roll through the toes. You can also request that increase forefoot flexibility be built into the lift. Hope this helps. Rich

  2. Dear Sir, I would like to be able to purchase this type of shoe lift. Could you let me have a list of stockists, as I am having trouble getting hold of them. your answer above is exactly what I require. I can only find insoles which means I keep stepping out of my shoe when walking. Thank you

  3. how do you make the cuts Rich?


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