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Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 100 Biomechanical Guidelines #31: Hannaford Orthotic Devices best for Shock Absorption Issues

Dr David Hannaford from San Rafael California revolutionized the orthotic world for patients with shock absorption problems. These are patients with knee arthritis/pain, hip arthritis/pain, stress fractures, heel bruising, and shin splints. Check out my YouTube video on the grinding process.

You can also see the general discussion of addressing shock absorption issues on this YouTube video.

Any podiatrist, orthotic lab, or pedorthist interested in learning the nuances of manufacturing this device I will be happy to share the steps. Please email me. I will have a full post soon on the entire process.  It is a great device for many patients.

A Hannaford Device is typically full length and made off a cast of the foot. The top layer of soft plastazote material is a memory foam which molds to the patient's foot. A leather top cover is used since it shows all the stress points and can help in discovering the best modifications if necessary.

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