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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bunion Pain: Or Is It?

Many patients present to my office with painful bunions hoping to avoid surgery. Or, even worse, having had surgery only to find out they still have significant pain. Bunions themselves only hurt due to pressure against a shoe from the bump that is produced.

Bunion on the right foot may develop pain from the bump.
Patients with bunions can present with sesamoiditis (two bones under the big toe joint), first metatarsal joint capsulitis (inflammation of the joint), hallux limitus (some joint tightness with possible arthritis), and hallux rigidus (definite arthritic joint). The treatment of bunions alone is different from bunions with sesamoiditis, bunions with capsulitis, bunions with hallux limitus, and bunions with hallux rigidus. I hope the video helps the patient with a bunion ask better questions of the doctor (ie Is this a bunion with hallux limitus?). I hope they also understand that a bunion needs specific treatments and the other causes of pain around the big toe joint each need specific treatments separate from the bunion.

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