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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quiz #4: Daily Sports Medicine Quiz

Quiz #4: Answers will be posted tomorrow.

  1. Name 5 common diagnoses that cause heel pain that are in the differential for plantar fasciitis?
  2. What is the website to purchase those 5 finger socks great for bunion patients to gently stretch the toes out?
  3. True/False. During the first 3 days after an injury, heat can be very beneficial to bring blood into the area for healing.
  4. For a runner, how long should you run your first workout in brand new custom made functional orthotic devices?
  5. What is the Golden Rule of Foot for the three days before starting a Walk/Run Program?
  6. Since surgeons and non-surgeons look at the world differently, why is it important to get 2nd opinions before undergoing elective surgery even from a nonsurgeon experienced in the area?
  7. Why are the initials AAPSM so important to Dr Rich Blake and for patients with foot pain?
  8. What is Level 7 in the typical Walk Run Program based on a 30 minute workout?
  9. What does the acronym K.I.S.S. stand for and why is it important in sports medicine?
  10. In looking at old worn inserts, one side had more of the inside arch worn away. Would it be correct at saying that that side pronated or supinated more than the other side?

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