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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light Weight Hiking Boots when ankle protection important

Hi Dr. Blake,

I was surfing to research taping methods for my posterior tibial tendon problem, and ended up on your site. How funny to end up on your site, because you were my Dr. (& my husbands) when we lived in S.F. 12 years ago before we moved here to D.C. And, a few weeks ago I was at my local pod's office, Stephen Pribut, and he mentioned that he had seen you.
Dr Blake's Note: Dr Stephen Pribut is a great sports medicine podiatrist in the D.C. area.
Anyway, I loved all your info on this issue but I had a quick question. I am taking a walking tour through Eastern Europe this summer and wanted to get some shoes which would be good for this condition. Any suggestions? I realize you may not be able to specify a brand (I'm looking at Keen's where I can replace their insole with my orthotic {which you got me started wearing BTW}) but are tie shoes better than say straps across the insole?

Thx for any advice you can offer.


Hey Susan, It is great to hear from you. Definitely, you want to stay with tie-on shoes and learn to power lace (see separate post). If you have foot problems, you really should consider the light weight hiking shoes on my post from several days ago. These will work with your orthotics well and give you 20% more protection than a traditional shoe. The shoes commonly recommended in that category are (in no particular order):
  1. Kayland Zephyr
  2. Keen Voyageur (Mid or Lowcut)
  3. Merrell Moab Mid or Ventilator (low cut)
  4. Vasque Breeze (Mid) or Scree Low (low cut)
  5. Asolo Stynger GTX
  6. Montrail Women's/Men's Mountain Masochist Mid GTX
  7. Lowa Renegade II GTX (low cut)

Susan, Hope this gives you a start. I am not sure which ones are at REI, or the local shoe stores. Good luck and happy hiking!!

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  1. Choose the right one for your feet. This is to ensure the comfort.


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