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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quiz #3: Daily Sports Medicine Quiz

The answers to this quiz will be in tomorrow's posting.

Quiz #3

  1. When stretching a tight muscle/tendon, why is deep breathing encouraged?
  2. Why is white vinegar a good soaking medium when treating toenail fungus?
  3. Is the Denton Modification for orthotic devices used for pronators or supinators?
  4. True/False. Power Lacing is a great method to help heels from slipping up and down in a shoe, especially if you are wearing orthotic devices.
  5. Ice massage is normally done in what direction along a tendon for tendonitis?
  6. In observing gait patterns, limb dominance to one side in adults is normally seen to the long or short side?
  7. A medical history of problems occurring to mainly one side of the body (ie. right knee pain in 2007, right ankle pain in 2004, and right hip pain in 2000) could indicate what?
  8. In treating bunions, what device is a more direct treatment (and should always be done), custom made foot orthotic devices or medium gel toe separators?
  9. What is a Budin Splint?
  10. When does the cortison part of a cortisone shot that is mixed when local anesthetic normally begin to really work?

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