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Friday, November 11, 2011

Heel Spurs: Some Are Just Not That Bad!!

Here is the Bottom of a Heel Bone with a very large bone spur. The patient was told to have that removed due to the pain it was causing. The patient sought a second opinion, thus I came briefly into the picture. The spur seen on the bottom of this heel is typical. It does not run to the bottom of the foot stabbing anything. It actually lies parallel and above the plantar fascia. It is not irritating anything, but is a by-product of 20 plus years of excessive pull of the plantar fascia on the bone. It is a calcium buildup, in a non-weight bearing part of the bone, a sign of chronic plantar fascial irritation, but not what causes the problem. This particular patient has had a spur for 20 years developing, and pain for 3 months only. No great correlation. Avoid being talked into heel spur syndrome when the heel spur probably is not really the real source of your present pain. 


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