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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tip for Adding Lift/Stability to an Orthotic Device

When Adding Lifts for a short leg or some other purpose to the bottom of some custom made devices, and most over the counter insoles,  consider making the lifts like the insert on the left. First you glue on 1/8th inch rubber cork from JMS Plastics or another supplier to both sides, then you cut and smooth (if you have a method of grinding). See the photo below.

This nice young lady has achilles soreness on both sides. Her inserts were wearing down slightly allowing more motion in gait. I placed the medial and lateral heel buttresses to both sides for extra side to side stability and also to achieve the heel lift effect to relax the pull of the achilles. A straight heel lift can produce more instability as it lifts the patient out of the shoe slightly. 

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